Individualizing Mental Health Services for Holistic Healing


Our service delivery adopts a three-pronged approach with clients receiving any combination of necessary services:

Professional Counseling

State-credentialed counselors provide mental health treatment for most disorders, although clients with chronic or extreme cases may be referred for more intensive services, such as inpatient care.

Christian Counseling

Each client receives a mix of spiritual guidance and professional counseling services. Services provided by, or under the supervision of, a professional Christian counselor (certified through the American Association of Christian Counselors). Clients whose spiritual needs or desires exceed the counselor's level of capability may be referred to the clergy.

Community Assistance

Assistance is provided in two categories. Basic Needs includes assistance with food, shelter, clothing, and utilities. Quality of Life assistance aids those whose basic needs have been met but who lack funding for “extras” such as Christmas and birthday gifts, or other positive reinforcements, to recognize hard work and goal accomplishment as important to sustained success.

In some cases, we may network with, or make referrals to, other agencies to avoid duplication of services or more appropriately fulfill a client's needs.

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Insurance and Payment

TLC accepts a variety of insurances, which we bill directly, including:


First Choice Select Health
Healthy Connections

Blue Cross & Blue Shield*

Preferred Blue
Federal Employee Program
Companion Benefit Alternatives
Blue Essentials
State Health Plan
Blue Option


For clients who have any type of insurance not listed, we can bill the client and they can submit the invoice for reimbursement to their insurance company. TLC will not be involved in this process other than to provide the client with an invoice. We do not provide pro bono or reduced fee services to clients who are insured outside of our network. We offer an income based sliding fee scale for uninsured or underinsured clients.

* A co-pay usually exists with Blue Cross as well as any deductible that may apply.

If you have questions regarding your insurance coverage for services, please reach out, and we will be more than happy to assist you.